Since 1704, we have been nurturing independent, creative and ambitious young women.  Building up a long tradition of academic excellence, our modern curriculum empowers our students to be the best they can be.

Our 原理图ool maxim, “I can do it and I will do it” guides the students through their own Watford Girls journey.

I am honoured to lead this outstanding state 原理图ool, supported by a talented and energetic staff and an engaged governing body. We value hard work and nurture 原理图olarship, always encouraging our students to strive for excellence in all fields of study and extra-curricular activities. Our students have the opportunity to excel at music, drama and sport, as well as the chance to play an active role in the wider community by taking part in a wide range of charitable activities. 作为一个结果, they learn to be the best version of themselves; hard working, compassionate and high achieving.

We are a diverse and thriving community, founded on consideration, tolerance and trust. Our rich academic curriculum, strong and supportive pastoral care and wide range of extended activities are designed to compliment, challenge and inspire at all Key Stages. Students are encouraged to start their own societies, with the support of staff, to reflect their interests and passions. We value our status as a single-sex 原理图ool whilst enjoying a close relationship with Watford Grammar School for Boys, with whom we share a common foundation, history and many joint learning opportunities.

Our 原理图ool is built around our students. I invite you to explore our website to discover more about our amazing 原理图ool and what it has to offer.

Miss Sylvia Tai, Headmistress